Packard Club of San Diego

Membership Application

The Packard Club of San Diego is a division of the national Packard Automobile Classics (PAC). The goal of our club is the preservation, use and enjoyment of Packard automobiles.

Our primary function is to provide local events, tours and car shows where our members can meet socially with others of like interest and enjoy owning a Packard. We publish a monthly newsletter, the Predictor, postupcoming events, technical information and other interesting articles. Subscription to the Predictor is included with the Packard Club of San Diego dues.

Our national organization, The Packard Club (PAC), promotes the various regions and provides nationwide contacts. PAC also publishes a quarterly magazine. The Packard Cormorant and a monthly newsletter, The Cormorant News Bulletin. The dues for National membership include a subscription to both of these publication. Members are required to join National PAC in order to be a local member. Dues for each are separate. This provides you with nationwide contacts for local, national and international events, supplies, parts, restorers and historical and technical information. It is not necessary to own a Packard in order to become a member of the National Club, or any of the regional clubs.

If you own a Packard or would like to become familiar with Packard cars join us for our:

  • Monthly tours or events
  • Sharing technical knowledge
  • Networking with other Packard enthusiasts, both locally and nationally
  • Fun and good times with a great group

We drive our Packards to interesting places, participate in PAC events, see and learn about other classic cars, and have a lot of fun in the process. You may even be able to ride in a Packard at a local caravan.


For More Information Contact:

Richard Schauer, Regional Director

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