“Ask the Man Who Owns One”

Packard Automobile Classics (PAC) is an international car club dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of all Packard cars. Packard is an American luxury car built by Packard Motor Company in Detroit, Michigan. Packard made a mark on advertising creating the motto “Ask the Man Who Owns One”. The first Packard was built in 1899 and the last Packard rolled off the assembly line in 1956 with their concept car the “Packard Predictor.” Owners of Packards take pride in ownership and enjoy showing them, driving them and giving interested people a ride in their Packard. Packard is famous for the quiet V-12 engine. Visit the PAC National website: The Packard Club (http://packardclub.org)

1899 Packard Runabout
1956 Packard Predictor Concept Car

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